Zambian Vice Presidents Warns Government Servants Against The Misuse Of Public Funds!


Zambian Vice Presidents Warns Government Servants Against The Misuse Of Public Funds!

VICE President, Mutale Nalumango has warned all government servants to desist from using public funds to sponsor their lavish lifestyles or they risk becoming thieves in order to fund their luxurious lifestyle.

She said this during a Public Discussion Forum where she was featured On 8 July, 2024 to discuss government’s response to drought, hunger and relief food distribution.

Zambia among other countries in Southern Africa is currently grappling with climate change which has led to drought, affecting at least 10 million citizens.
President Hakainde Hichilema declared the drought as a national emergency in February and about six million people are receiving hunger and starvation relief packages from Government.

Nalumango said the role of a politician is to serve the people that voted them into power, and not to serve themselves, especially during this season of drought.
Responding to a question on whether Government ministers were willing to sacrifice part of their salaries so that resources are channeled to the different needs amidst the current hunger and drought situation which has affected most parts of the country, she said people must not be made to believe that politicians make a lot of money.

“Don’t believe that these ministers get heeps of money, this is where we go wrong. Actually, many institutions including quasi- government get better money than ministers, do you know that? So why are you not asking the quasi government to sacrifice?, but you see me as Vice president and think I have money just because you are a politician, you are not rich,” Nalumango elaborated.

She however sent a warning to all members of parliament, ministers and government workers who wish to make a fortune out of public funds.
“And I keep saying this. If you want to be rich through politics, find another avenue, if you want to be a politician, you should be ready to serve people because if you want to use the position of MP, Vice president to get rich, then you will be a thief, and I will say this again, when you make a mistake in this government, you are on your own,” Nalumango asserted.

The Veep added that despite the perceived view by people that cabinet ministers are rich, it wasn’t the case as some politicians may tend to change and engage in corrupt activities due to the pressure that comes from the public as they expect them to keep appearances with their status. “The expectation of the people is what makes politicians wicked, some will say, ‘He used to be an MP and now he is just a pedestrian with no car’…when you are on that position, you become worried and try to find means to buy a car, which is sometimes wrong, and we condemn such behaviour as there is no excuse to theft,” she said.

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