Stogie T ft. Msaki – The Get Back (Zimkile)

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Stogie T ft. Msaki – The Get Back (Zimkile)

Stogie T ft. Msaki – The Get Back (Zimkile) MP3 Download

South African artist Stogie T has released a fresh track called “The Get Back (Zimkile).” This new song is part of his latest music collection, also named “Shallow.” The collection includes six rap songs and features a range of collaborations with various artists like Brittney Crush, Msaki, Bonj, Apu Sebekedi, and Saul Williams.

This latest project showcases Stogie T‘s diverse musical style and his ability to bring together different talents. Each track in the collection offers something unique, thanks to the contributions of the featured artists. These collaborations help to create a rich and varied listening experience.

Fans can look forward to a blend of different sounds and voices in “The Get Back (Zimkile).” Stogie T continues to push the boundaries of rap music, and this new project is a testament to his creativity and talent in the industry.

Quotable Lyrics:

What glows might not shine
Like it’s meant to
The owners are renters
Posing in grand gestures
Folderol extras
Golden ball Cinderellas
c Cautionary
Beware the fortune teller
Like that Xhosa girl led us
To slaughter herds that she dreamt up
I gave my ten bucks
To traffic light beggars
Might have done better
Invest in my cousin’s lectures


Audio Stogie T ft. Msaki – The Get Back (Zimkile) MP3 Download


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