Stogie T – Dux Africanus

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Stogie T – Dux Africanus

Stogie T – Dux Africanus  MP3 Download

South African artist Stogie T has released a fresh track called “Dux Africanus.” This new song is part of his latest music collection, also named “Dux Africanus.” The collection includes six rap songs and features a range of collaborations with various artists like Brittney Crush, Msaki, Bonj, Apu Sebekedi, and Saul Williams.

This latest project showcases Stogie T‘s diverse musical style and his ability to bring together different talents. Each track in the collection offers something unique, thanks to the contributions of the featured artists. These collaborations help to create a rich and varied listening experience.

Fans can look forward to a blend of different sounds and voices in “Dux Africanus.” Stogie T continues to push the boundaries of rap music, and this new project is a testament to his creativity and talent in the industry.

Quotable Lyrics:

I should probably welcome you to the now now
The vinyl quality classic on SoundCloud
The Mau Mau chopping heads off lil bow wows
Child soldiers sniffing brown brown
It’s really that wild
OGs powwow and youngins pow pow
cll these power outages got everything rundown
cngels in strip clubs
Demons in God’s house
They don’t think it’s real love
Judge from a glass house
Kal El can’t blend with the rest, fuck Clark
Stogie comes out, S on my chest they bug out
I could blowout now and still be crowned God
cll these half-assed clout chasing clowns
Get found out
Daddy’s family never had me
Made me a bastard
Moms carried baggage
Next to the guns and cannons
Common practice,
Heartless savages wore badges
Body bags and lost lands long captured
Old anthems sung in tandem
With ghosts and Phantoms
The lord balances wins and losses
Law of averages
Got a nice sling bag slaying David Goliath
No surprises she stuck gaming a night king

The choir recites it, the pious rewrite it


Audio Stogie T – Dux Africanus MP3 Download


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