WATCH: Mwizukanji took Yo Maps to court for betterment of her child Bukata


The recent interview snippet from Diamond TV’s “On The Table With Chimweka” featuring Yo Maps‘ ex-girlfriend, Mwizukanji, has caused quite a stir on social media platforms. In the interview, Mwizukanji revealed that she had taken the international star to court for child support, stating that it was in the best interest of their child, Bukata.

The revelation has added fuel to the already fiery exchanges that have been taking place between Yo Maps and Mwizukanji on social media. Their public disagreements and verbal jabs have been evident on various online platforms, particularly on the popular social media app, Twitter.

While the details surrounding the court case and the outcome are not clearly stated in the snippet, it has undoubtedly caught the attention of the public, leading to a buzz of speculation and curiosity. Many are eager to watch the complete video to gain a better understanding of the situation and learn more about the views of both parties involved.

It remains to be seen how this latest revelation will impact Yo Maps‘ personal and professional life, as well as the ongoing interactions between him and Mwizukanji. As the story continues to unfold, social media users remain engaged, eagerly following every update, and forming opinions on the matter.

Watch Video Below.

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