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Ty Tito ft. Jaka Man – Ni Ntau

Ni Ntau by Ty Tito ft. Jaka Man


Ty Tito ft. Jaka Man – Ni Ntau MP3 Download

Introducing the rising star from Zambia, Ty Tito, who’s making waves in the music scene with his diverse talents. His latest release, “Ni Ntau,” is a collaboration with fellow artist Jaka Man, bringing a fresh vibe to the airwaves. 

Ty Tito’s versatility shines through in “Ni Ntau,” showcasing his ability to blend different musical styles seamlessly. With Jaka Man adding his own flavor to the mix, the collaboration elevates the song to new heights. Produced by the talented Mr. Drizzy, this track is set to captivate audiences with its unique sound and catchy beats.

In conclusion, Mr. Drizzy’s production expertise brings it all together, creating a dynamic and engaging listening experience for fans of all genres. Keep an eye out for Ty Tito as he continues to make his mark on the global music scene with his fresh sound and undeniable talent. Take a listen below!

Audio Ty Tito ft. Jaka Man – Ni Ntau MP3 Download