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Tony Dayimane ft. Usimamane – Ifilimu

Ifilimu by Tony Dayimane ft. Usimamane


Tony Dayimane ft. Usimamane – Ifilimu MP3 Download

Tony Dayimane has just unveiled a fresh new track called “Ifilimu” that’s making waves in the music scene.

This song is like a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered and added to your favorite tunes collection. Tony really pours their heart into the lyrics, painting a vivid picture with each verse. And let’s not forget that catchy melody that sticks in your head long after the song ends.

Imagine yourself hitting play on “Ifilimu” and getting lost in the rhythm, feeling the music take you on a journey. It’s one of those tracks that you’ll find yourself humming throughout the day, spreading good vibes wherever you go.

This song is a must-have for any music lover’s playlist. Take a listen below!


I’m dripping all black form
Wakanda like
It’s hella demons I gotta fight
I’m blowing up like it’s dynamite
Taking your shawty to paradise
Say you a ghost utshelowba
To me it’s sound like inganekwane
Cha sengkhathele bafana bam
Seka phakathi uphakathwayo
Mzukulu ka khondlo no hlabangane
Stepping on niggas basala phansi
Hlez bengbuz ukuthi ngenza ngan
Ekse majita niku liphi i side
Just do me dirty ngzokbhala phansi
Back in the days ngangi lala phansi
Athi ngqale phansi
Man I came from the trenches I came from the gutter place ngphum emlazi my bru
I came from the painville that’s why I’m sipping this runaway, ngishayel i gan
I’m on a road man I’m not on a pavement
And my dream isn’t basic only thing that I’m chasing, chase the money
Lethani indish akbeni zikhindi fast qhu
Flow from the trench ingcolile but i promise you ngizok’khiphela uswidi, uclean
Made a promise to my mother when I get it I promise ngzokwakhel’ imizi
Ngisaya emphantweni sekeni ngvalelise eshlathin ngimbambe ngo kiss, ngsayo funa u cheese

Audio Tony Dayimane ft. Usimamane – Ifilimu MP3 Download