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Swiss Zombie | Biography

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The musicians and rap artists that blare on radios, parade across TV screens and earn millions when their albums go platinum have changed the culture of music as we know it forever.

The music industry now welcomes Trap/rap artist/songwriter, Swiss Zombie, whose real name are Christopher Mungoya this talented young man was born in Zambia,on 6th november. Swiss Zombie is known to be the future of Zambian Trap music as you know it, proving his point to being one of the best Trap artist out.

Swiss Zombie began rapping at an early age. He wants to prove to the rap/trap community and the whole music industry that you don’t have to rhyme about a lot of gang play or pretend to be something you are not just to be successful with your music. Swiss Zombie believes that being him self and making music that comes from his heart is the best way to do it. This young artist not only has wrote and recorded songs that have inspired young people with him but also has the clubs going crazy while still manages to create music that inspires the soul of one’s life.

Swiss Zombie has been in love with music ever since he was seven, but never really got serious until the age of seventeen when he recorded his first song titled “we running the game.

He is currently working with T Rash under SG Music Entertainment who is based in kitwe and many more. Swiss Zombie says to this point, he has never had anybody write his lyrics. Lyrics are the part that comes easy for him. And he is determined that his music will hit the billboard top ,he is currently unsigned and seeking Sponsorship.

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