Sorry To Everyone I Have Let Down – Macky 2 Apologizes


From the time Macky2 had released a political song for PF he has being receiving terrible social media insults, today he decided to drop his awesome video on which the artist apologies to all the fan of Macky2 out there!

In his own words he said!

I Have Learnt To Be Thick Skinned And To Ignore All The Nasty Things Said About Me On Social Media.. I Actually Think I Thrive And Perform Better Unpressure. Its My Motivation. But I Would Be Lying If I Said I Don’t Care What People Think.. Coz I Really Do. I Understand That I Have A Democratic Right To Choose Whoever I Want To Support.. I Also Understand That A Huge Part Of The Music Is Business.. But.. It’s Selfish For Someone Like Me To Just Look Out For Myself And My Family. They Say “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”. LESSON LEARNT. Sorry To Everyone I Have Let Down. Those That Know Me Know My Heart Is In The Right Place.

Austin Mweemba

Austin Mweemba better known as Zedwap is a Zambia professional music publisher and entrepreneur. “I love to talk about music, so I use my leisure time to blog. Call Me +260971606769