Pilato, Wezi, Mwiza Zulu, Eli K & B’Flow – Rich Country Poor People (Official Video)

Pilato Wezi Mwiza Zulu Eli K BFlow – Rich Country Poor People Official Video
Pilato X Wezi X Mwiza Zulu X B’Flow & Eli K – Rich Country Poor People Mp3 Download

Fight Inequality Alliance Zambia yet again teams up with Music artistes and Activists, Wezi, Mwiza Zulu, PilAto, B’Flow & introducing Eli K for this song and music video created to raise awareness and a call to action on the inequalities Zambian people face due to how the national minerals, especially copper are managed.

Zambia produces many minerals but yet the wealth that comes from the mines doesn’t help with the poverty situation across the nation! We all must speak up with one voice for the change we desire to see.

Watch the official videos and enjoy