PilAto – Ni Eva


Zambian distinguished artist and activist, PilAto comes through with “Ni Eva” which is off his released album tagged “Here I Live“.

In conclusion, Women have been called queens for a long time, but the
kingdom given them isn’t worth ruling.
-Louisa May Alcott-

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How can it be, that society has opted to sideline women, from
whom all life flows and without whom no one could have been
formed? In many places, Zambia is no exception, women are
seen as little more than nurturers and breeders.
They used to be revered queens, lauded for their wisdom and
beauty but now all that has boiled down to impossible standards
and victim shaming. The world has internalized women
blaming, and as the care givers of society, women have internalized
this and sell themselves short over and over again.

When did a Woman lose her kingdom and her right to rule?
Many are familiar with the story of Adam and Eve and the fall of
man. It is told that a woman ate of the forbidden fruit and gave
some to her husband Adam. When questioned by God Adam
responded, ‘It is the woman you gave me who made me eat it.’
If that is anything to go by then this is the first sin against woman.
The blame game has since continued. Every time a wrong
is committed against a woman, she is blamed. It has become
an endless and familiar narrative, in many a case, where women
are concerned that there is a presumption of guilt and she
has learned to always be on the defensive.

If a woman is harassed or assaulted, whether physically or sexually
then she is blamed. If a woman is not financially stable o r
independent she is blamed. It must have been her dress code,
or she did not do something enough, or even that she did too

When did we stop holding people accountable for their actions
and start justifying these social injustices? As human nature
stands all are responsible for their emotions and actions, but
a woman, it seems, shoulders the responsibilities of the whole
world as well as her own.

Without a doubt women are, for many, the greatest muse. If this
is truly the case then society must shape up to treat women
and girls as such. If we can in the same breath uplift our women,
discarding prejudice, and offer opportunities for their betterment,
then we will be guaranteed to see the kingdoms they will
build and benefit from them.


Written By Fumba Chama
Produced By Quincy Wizzy




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