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Nation-365 ft. Busta 929 & MarC – Yena Loh MP3 Download

Yena Loh by Nation-365 ft. Busta 929 & MarC


 Nation-365 ft. Busta 929 & MarC – Yena Loh MP3 Download

If you are looking for a song that will make you dance and groove to the beat, then you should check out ‘Nation-365 ‘Yena Loh’ featuring Busta 929 and other big names in the south africa music industry. This is a new amapiano track that features some of the hottest artists in the genre. The song is part of the album ‘Ezase Thupa – Class of 23, Term 3‘, which was released on October 15, 2023 by Nation-365, a collective of young and talented producers and musicians who are making waves in the South African music scene.

The song ‘Yena Loh‘ is a catchy and energetic tune that showcases the skills and creativity of the artists involved. 

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One of the main attractions of the song is Busta 929, who is one of the most prominent and influential amapiano artists in South Africa. Busta 929 is a songwriter, producer, DJ, recording and performing artist, who is known for his hit songs such as ‘Ngixolele‘, ‘Mmapula‘, ‘Gqoz Gqoz‘, and more. He is also an event organizer and entrepreneur, who runs his own label called ‘Thupa Industry‘. Busta 929 is widely regarded as a pioneer and innovator of the amapiano genre, which is a fusion of house, kwaito, jazz, and lounge music. Busta 929 has collaborated with many other artists, such as Mr JazziQ, Boohle, Mzu M, and more.

Another artist who shines on the song is MarC, who is a rising star in the amapiano scene. MarC is a singer, songwriter, and rapper, who has a unique and versatile voice.  He is also a member of Nation-365, and has worked with Busta 929 on several occasions. MarC brings a smooth and soulful vibe to the song, with his melodic and catchy vocals.

The song ‘Yena Loh‘ by Nation-365 is a must-listen for anyone who loves amapiano music, or who wants to discover a new and exciting genre. The song is available for streaming and download on various platforms, such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and more. You can also watch the official music video of the song, which features the artists performing and dancing in a colorful and vibrant setting. The video has over 2 million views on YouTube, and has received positive feedback from fans and critics alike. The song by Nation-365 is a perfect example of how amapiano music is taking over the South African music industry, and beyond.

Audio Nation-365 ft. Busta 929 & MarC – Yena Loh MP3 Download