Meet Leo Moyo well known as K’Millian


MEET THE LEGEND! states that, Zambian musician Leo Moyo commonly known as K’Millian was born in the early 80s during the time our first president of Zambia Dr Kenneth Kaunda was still in power.

He studied computer science at the university of South Africa. After completing his studies, he decided to follow his passion and ventured into music. His career in music kicked off in 2002, when he signed on to the Sling Beats Music Label run by Chali Bravo. He came on the scene with a self titled album which had tracks like, Ule ibukisha ( with the late Crystal Shaun), Nalyendele, Shalapo Naya, Niwe weka and more.

Leo Moyo (K’Millian) is a well talented Zambian R&B artist. You will never hear him insult or sing stupid or foolish stuff in his songs. His songs are full of real love stories. Whenever he sings, he touches so many Zambian hearts especially in the world of love. I have so much respect for this Legend.

His most popular hits are “Kakabalika” (The Sun Will Shine Again) – It’s a song which tells the story of a pregnant woman who is abandoned; “Pa Ulendo” – a song praising a woman for her prayers and thoughts as he makes a journey to see her; “Nizakukonda” – the expression of love of a man for his woman

“Kakabalika” was on No.1 on Radio Phoenix Local Rhythm Count Down for 14weeks.

Some of his songs are Mukabene, Osayenda, Teti Nkulabe, Penafika, Nayo Nayo, Machimo, Boza, etc..

I feel bad that this legend is no longer active in music like he used to in the olden days with the likes of Ty2, Hamoba, Mainza, Chocolate, Runnel and many other guys who have gone quiet. Every time I listen to his powerful songs I ask myself what transpired for him to go quiet together with his friends. I wish these guys could bounce back and bless the Zambian young generation with mature music.

Otherwise we shall always appreciate Leo Moyo‘s great works and positive contribution to the Zambian music industry. May God BLESS him wherever he is.

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