JIFAN Association ft. K’millian & HD Empire – Never Give Up

JIFAN Association brings up the talent of renowned Zambian first-class sensational singer, K’millian and Kopala rap duo, HD Empire to share their amazing body of work titled “Never Give Up“.

JIFAN Association wrote; If we do not give up, we will surely see the reward of it. For example the farmer sows his seed and takes the little grown stuff and plants it in the properly ploughed field.

He does not see the grains immediately, he waits for the rain and the shine at the proper times and then a harvest, during harvest it is not what he sowed but several measures more than what he had sown. If this is true for a farmer I am sure the same principle applies for us too. The only thing is to wait patiently until we see results. Never Give Up Doing The Right Things!

 The produced of this record was done by Dice Beats.

Be inspired as you listen!



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