DJ Foxx Tha Roc To Support Upcoming Artists


Joseph Kapandula professionally known as DJ Foxx Tha Roc has broken through the competitive entertainment industry dominated by already established stars.

Advocating for upcoming artists, he took a bold stance in addressing one of the challenges his town has faced where artists receive less or no support and is now working on featuring them in his songs.

“I’m not just giving them a platform to feature on my songs but also to help them become independent artists who can brand themselves to attract support from those who may wish to invest in them”, Foxx said.

“There is so much talent in Itezhi Tezhi artists and what they lack is a platform and mostly proper guidance towards them making it in the industry and I want to be one of the people to see these artists hosting their own shows in Itezhi Tezhi – making money out of it and also competing at national and international level”, Foxx added.

All of the songs Foxx has released feature artists from Itezhi Tezhi including his recent single “Kotuzwa” which means “Where we come from” according to the ILA language – prominent in Itezhi Tezhi Town.

“I’m greatful for being the first entertainer to have been verified on Facebook in Itezhi Tezhi and I want to use my knowledge and tools to change my District by helping fellow artists”, Foxx said.

He also intends to be hosting local artists on his radio show at ITT radio and having their music playlisted on air.

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Austin Mweemba

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