Chef 187 and Yolanda Kayanda bridal shower

Congratulations are in order to the new couple in town. Chef 187 and Yolanda Kayanda held their bridal shower today.

The prestigious event took place in  Lusaka’s Ibex area. And as expected many big names were in attendance.

Yolanda now Mrs. Kaira wowed for her bridal showChef 187 and Yolanda Kayanda bridal showerer in a beautiful pink dress.

Yolanda Kayanda wows in a pink dress for her bridal shower

Last year photos of the couple began to trend as they celebrated their 6th anniversary.

Chef 187 with Fiancee Yolanda Kayanda

Unfortunately, many fans mocked them for dating for that long without being married or engaged.

However, the couple has remained private and secretly sat through their engagement.

Congratulations to the couple once more.


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